How to Scale to Multi 6 and 7 Figures Working Less

How to Scale to Multi 6 and 7 Figures Working Less 150 150 Asadmin

I’m Alaina Schwartz, CEO and founder of Alaina Schwartz Enterprises. International speaker, author, and Business and Mindset Coach.

I was a lawyer in the music industry in New York City for 18 years. I was highly successful. My career culminated as the Executive Vice President of the largest independent music company in the world at the time.

Now, truth be told, being a lawyer was never really my true desire. It was my parents’ agenda. I became a lawyer because I succumbed to parental pressure. As a high achiever, I kept thinking if I created more success then I’d finally be happy. I created a lot of success in my music attorney career and as the EVP. And yet I was never more miserable, and it also made me very physically ill.

I walked away from lawyering, having no idea what I was going to do next. I had a clear intention to discover what that purpose was, and actually live it in a lifestyle I desired.

However, I slammed into what I will call a dark night of the soul, which is much like a midlife crisis on steroids, except it frequently births purpose and can happen at any age. I watched all of the structures of my life fall apart. I went from having a very deep financial runway to being massively in debt, my marriage fell apart, I gave up my identity as a lawyer, I moved to an area where I knew no one and lost most of my community. As a result, I learned a lot of tools and techniques that helped me rewire my brain, rewire my thinking and understand the nature of reality in a very different way.

What I uncovered was that my purpose was blending the 18 years of business strategy, the business acumen, as a lawyer with the mindset tools and techniques I learned to help liberate other entrepreneurs. To allow them to live their passion and purpose, but not have to work the way they did in corporate. To actually live the kind of lifestyle, with the time and money freedom, they want. It is the most incredible experience to have time and money freedom as a business owner.

5 Keys for Scaling to Multi 6-7+ Figures:

1. Invest in mentors and coaches. I still invest tens of thousands of dollars a year in mentorship/coaching as well. I am not saying this because I am a mentor and coach. But rather because it allows you to stop spinning your wheels and shortens the amount of time that it takes to get to the next level by working with somebody who’s done it before or helps others do it.

We all have these blind spots, belief systems, this paradigm that’s not based on truth. But mostly based on what we were told and observed when we were seven and younger. We are unconsciously living those paradigms and it becomes our lens of perception. As a result, we usually don’t see how we are the cause of the effect of the circumstances and results that we’re getting. It’s important to work with somebody who can see the blind spots, as we can’t read the label from inside the jar.

When we can work with somebody who can identify those blind spots and help us move through them quickly, we can actually take quantum leaps, we don’t have to settle for incremental growth in our businesses.

2. Mindset. Now, why is that key?

Experts say that 80% to 90% of your success is your psychology, and only 10% to 20% of success is derived from tactics, from the mechanics. I agree.

We are .00001% matter, the rest of us is energy, so we are energetic beings. This is quantum physics.

The results that we want, the goals and vision that we have, have a vibrational frequency. If we are not aligned with that vibrational frequency – if we’re in lack and scarcity, if we’re believing that we can’t do something, if we’re afraid of failure, whatever it is, we are not a vibrational match for our vision and goals. We are inadvertently repelling our vision and goals away from us. Working on mindset, working on conditioning your thinking to success thinking and building success habits are absolutely essential for you to be able to experience different circumstances, to get different results than you’re experiencing now.

Daily mindset practices to keep your thinking aligned with what you want to create, to make sure that you are taking consistent action and ensure that action is coming from an empowered place.

Every person has a stopping mechanism, but what it looks like to each person is unique. The subconscious mind’s number one goal is to keep us safe, to keep us alive. But everything you want is in the unknown, it hasn’t been done before.

You have this database stored in your subconscious mind of all the experiences that you’ve had in your life. And when you go to do something that you haven’t done before, it searches the database, and tries to figure out “how have I done this and survived?” Except because you haven’t done it before, the subconscious mind doesn’t know you’ve survived it. It doesn’t believe you’re going to survive. So it will create some form of drama or sense of urgency in your life. The subconscious mind is very insidious – it knows your vulnerabilities and what you’re most insecure about. For most people, when the stopping mechanism kicks in, they’ll take their foot off the gas of action, and they’ll pull back, they’ll start to brake. This pulling back will either create an income ceiling or create a feast or famine rollercoaster.

Once you can identify what the stopping mechanism is for you and learn how to address it, you can move past your wealth set point. When you don’t let it take you out of momentum, you’re then able to have different experiences. It’s having relatively consistent, different experiences that really cements the shift in the subconscious belief system, the subconscious paradigm.

3. Foundational Pillars – The next key is to ensure you have the foundational pillars of your business dialed in. This remains true whether you have a seven figure business or are trying to get to six figures. Many business owners don’t have the foundational pieces dialed in and you can only get so far on effort and hard work alone. It’s difficult to grow and scale without self-destructing, without going into burnout, without straining or damaging your relationships or compromising your health. Which was my personal experience. Both my health and relationship suffered.

To be able to scale and create leverage, you need to dial in your Ideal Dream Client, your messaging, on what differentiates your business, on how to speak to your Ideal Dream Clients so they raise their hand, on the strategies you use.

4. Systems – To scale, you need scalable systems, as systems not only help you free up your time, but help you ensure you’re not reinventing the wheel over and over, and allow you to properly delegate.

If you don’t have scalable systems, if you don’t have scalable offers, if you don’t have a scalable work schedule, you won’t be able to scale your business with ease and you’ll create more of the same results and work really hard.

The last one I just mentioned is, work schedule, time.

One of the things that I help my clients do within the first month we work together, is shave a minimum of 20 hours off their workweek.

Again, what often drives people to work hard and long is a belief that they have to work really hard. There are times when I give my clients productivity hacks, and they’ll free up their time only to fill it up again with other busy work.

We tend to do a lot of busy work, we tend to have a lot of distractions throughout our day. Most people think they’re being productive because they’re busy, but they’re not focused on income producing activities.

Studies reveal that the average person who works eight hours a day, is only productive three and a half to four of those. What’s happening during the other half of the day? They’re not productive, they’re doing busy work, they’re distracted.

Additionally, studies show that when you start to work more than 50 hours a week, you start to be inversely productive. There have been recent studies that show that by working more than 55 hours a week you start to be prone to many diseases that lead to death. So there’s an increase in chances of death by actually working 55 plus hours a week. It becomes essential for our health, well being and lifestyle to work less. The right systems help you ensure you’re being productive and focused on income producing activities in less time.

5. Become the CEO – Becoming the CEO of your business allows you to slash your work time, become far more productive, and get more done in less time.

When you become the CEO, you focus on your zone of genius and what you enjoy doing. You learn how to delegate effectively, eliminate and automate.

To create exponential growth in your business, you must be working ON your business as much as in it.

There are 3 Keys to become the CEO: 1. Your business will only grow by the amount that you grow as a leader. 2. You must raise your standards. And 3. You must be willing to sacrifice something of a lower nature to have something of a higher nature.

One of my favorite quotes is what got you here won’t get you there. It’s so true that what got you to the level that you’re at now is not going to help you exponentially grow.

It’s critical to learn how to think successfully. Your thoughts create your feelings. You then have feelings that are aligned with your goals and vision. Your feelings dictate your actions. You then take congruent action, and the outcomes you manifest are the results that you want, rather than more of the results that you don’t want.