BLABBIT: Ready to Bust the #1 Lie In Business?!

We talk about:

🔥Why busy work doesn’t make you more income and what does instead (2:00)

🔥The biggest reason why people don’t delegate effectively and become the CEO of their business and how to shift it (4:30).

🔥How to bulletproof your business, even in the midst of things like the pandemic (7:55)

🔥How to find the right systems to scale your business. Hint: It’s not what everyone is telling you (15:45)

🔥What to do when you’re experiencing feast and famine monthly income and how to break through the income ceiling (20:25)

🔥What the secret sauce is to get to 7+ Figures. Spoiler Alert: It’s not what you think!! (30:40)

🔥Why it’s key to have the core fundamentals of your business dialed so your potential clients raise their hand and say “pick me” (39:20)

Get Known Be Seen with Alaina Schwartz

We talk about:

🔥Why people get caught in hustle and grind so much and how to stop. (4:00)

🔥What causes you to be stressed, burnout and overwhelmed and how to ditch it to move into flow (gold nugget!). (7:45).

🔥Practical tips to get out of hustle and move into flow (10:50)

🔥Why constantly focusing on what isn’t working gets you more of the same experiences and results and what to do instead (14:20)

🔥How your mindset impacts your marketing efforts and what to do to become an authority in your space (15:00)

🔥My top 2 tips for people to get out there and be seen (33:30)

Awake & On Purpose: Your Highest Good Through Servant Leadership

We talk about:

🔥Why conscious leadership helps you grow yourself and your team without sacrifice (7:50)

🔥What it means to put yourself 1st and how it’ll inspire your team (11:25).

🔥How to make a bigger impact with your mission and what’s getting in the way (true gold!!) (13:55)

🔥How to become the person who already has what you want so your yearly income can become your monthly income (18.45)

Job Reinvented Show: Scale Your Impact & Income

In this episode you’ll learn:

👉🏼 What it actually takes to scale impact and income (5:00)

👉🏼 Why getting another certification is NOT the answer to being able to scale and live your purpose in a much greater way (9:00)

👉🏼 The difference between growing and scaling a business (11:30)

👉🏼 How the Universe supports you to live your purpose and the thing you need to expand to get that support (13:30)

👉🏼 The business foundational pieces required to both grow and scale a business (14:15)

👉🏼 3 Tips to fulfill your dreams (17:00)

👉🏼 The kind of activity that gives you the biggest bang for your buck (25:00)

Do It With Dan: Good Relationships For Good Business

We talk about:

👉🏼 How, to have the level of success you really want, you need a holistic perspective and what that means.

👉🏼 How neither mindset or raising your financial set-point alone will get you there, nor will focusing on strategy alone.

👉🏼 How following the right recipe and ensuring your put the ingredients in at the right time is key.

👉🏼 How being in stress keeps you from the creativity, inspiration, seeing the necessary opportunities and resources for you to take inspired and intelligent action that moves you to income producing, productive work.

👉🏼 Why the ROI for hiring a coach creates exponential results.

Intuitive Leadership Mastery: How The Masculine Paradigm Sucks for Real Success

We talk about:

🔥What the difference is between masculine/hustle and the feminine/flow energy.

🔥How success is really scaled through relationships – to yourself, to money and then to others. (11:15)

🔥Why setting clear goals is not the most important thing to achieve them, it’s who you are (15:13).

🔥How when you listen to your own wisdom and cultivate internal freedom, well-being and success it becomes inevitable in your lived experience (33:35).

🔥Hacks that allow you to become the person you need to be to have the success you want (43:50)

Stranger Connections: An Invincible Mindset; The Former Attorney Who Retrained Her Brain

We also talked about:

🔥How to build your intuition to KNOW what to do in your business – it’s like building a muscle.

🔥How taking back your power, trusting your inner wisdom and then acting immediately allows you to see results quickly. It makes that inner wisdom and intuition show up stronger the more you trust it.

🔥Why being attached to the outcome repels what you want and when you release the attachment, you draw it to you.

The Ambitious Entrepreneur: Having To Work Hard To Succeed Is The Biggest Myth In Business

We talk about:

🔥Uncovering how to move flow by changing how we think and feel.

🔥Learning how to cruise downstream so it doesn’t always feel like you’re paddling upstream.

🔥Discovering the practical habits that set your day up for success.

🔥Why a one-size-fits-all approach to scaling your business doesn’t work.

🔥Why your self worth is not determined by your net worth, but your net worth IS determined by your self worth.

🔥How to rewire your brain for success.

Heart-Centered Sales Leader: Scale Income, While Creating Financial and Time Freedom

We talk about:

🔥Why no 2 businesses are the same and how your strategies should be tailored to you and your businesses’ uniqueness.

🔥How to create a paradigm shift in who you are being so you can BE the person who already has a 7+ figure business. Then, your strategies get you results.

🔥How what got you to where you are isn’t going to get you to the next multi 6-7+ figure level – so doing more of the same is counterproductive.

🔥How to bust the biggest myth of business – you have to work hard to succeed.

🔥How when you move into your heart and get out of your head, you move into flow states and out of hustle.

🔥How building relationships and being a giver helps you scale your business.

The Merging Minds: How To Really Stay At Your Top WITHOUT Burning Out!

What we dive deep into:

👉🏼The steps to take to move from burnout and overwhelm to effortless growth

👉🏼What it really means to be the person who already has the success you’re seeking

👉🏼How to determine whether you have competing beliefs or priorities that move you in the opposite direction of your goals

👉🏼How to rewire your operating system and install a new operating system with a new perspective that creates the results you want.

👉🏼Advice to leaders who want to make the shift and want to reduce stress

Six-Figure Women Coaches: Mistakes Learned by a Multiple Six-Figure Earner and How She’s Helping Clients To Succeed Now

What we talk about:

👉🏼When we focus on mindset, who we’re being, our habits, then the strategies, we move with ease to the results we want.

👉🏼2 Simple practices that, if you start the day this way, will set your day up for success – so today isn’t a repeat of yesterday.

👉🏼How identifying yourself based upon your accomplishments leads to dissatisfaction and a lack of fulfillment, and the remedy is to follow your true “Why” to propel you forward…

The Stress-Free Leader: The Biggest Lie In The Business: We Have To Work Hard To Succeed.

What we dive deep into:

👉🏼The “work hard to succeed myth”, why it is important to and the power that comes from rewiring that belief

👉🏼The stress response and how we become “addicted” to our habits **How to move into ease and flow so you achieve results easier

👉🏼The keys to managing the inner game of stress and habits

👉🏼The importance of paying attention to how you feel

👉🏼How my morning Power Hour creates the foundation for my day – practices to get into flow **Advice to leaders who want to make the shift and want to reduce stress

Upward Trajectory: Walking Away From Money to Find Purpose, and so Much More

What we talk about:

👉🏼How creating wealth is the by-product of focusing on service first. Helping enough other people is the path to making more money.

👉🏼Why most people believe that if they just have more money and success they’ll have greater freedom and it’s really the inverse.

👉🏼Why “I don’t have time” is one of the biggest myths of business and how to free up your time by simple, consistent practices.

Barrenness to Breakthrough: Your Net Worth Does Not Determine Your Self Worth

Here’s what we talk about:

👉🏼Why so many high-achievers equate their self worth with their net worth and how to disconnect your identity from what’s in your bank account.

👉🏼What most high-achievers are driven by to create success, moving away from something rather than towards the greater vision. And how reconnecting to your deeper why keeps you aligned with purpose.

👉🏼The price of not living a life that’s satisfying and fulfilling. And how the model of having ➜ doing = being happy, is inverted. We are human beings, not human doings.

Storytelling Secrets: Make A Quantum Leap In Your Success Habits

Here’s what we talk about:

👉🏼Why chasing momentum may actually be a ‘mask’ for a workaholic. We get down into psychology behind why entrepreneurs self-sabotage themselves…without even knowing they’re doing it.

👉🏼What to do when your distractions sabotage your work (and no it’s not to turn off your phone). I show a very easy (and free) journaling exercise to rewire your brain for success.

👉🏼The one book everyone keeps coming back to, to ground themselves in success principles. There’s a reason why this book has sold over 25 million copies…and it’s perfect if you’re a solopreneur like Julian is.

Empower Humans: 20% Strategy/80% Psychology!

In this episode of Empower Humans, you’ll learn how to shift your paradigm and reprogram it for greater success and fulfillment.

🎯Then your action becomes more aligned and inspired.

🎯You catapult your momentum.

🎯You reclaim your time to do what you love.

🎯Your impact becomes exponential.

🎯And your success becomes inevitable.

Strive for Great Health Podcast: Growth Mindset

Podcast Highlights:

8:37 What’s a Fixed Mindset

14:10 The Growth Mindset

21:06 How to shift to a Growth Mindset for success

26:10 How your mindset effects your health

30:38 Practical tips to cultivate a Growth Mindset

38.47 How to accomplish goals for success

The Entrepreneur Way: Your Vision Becomes Your Direction

Marketing With Principles: The Principle Of Change And How To Tip The Scales

Women Solopreneurs: Never Settle

Be Brilliant, Enjoy the Journey

I talk about:

👉🏼how I walked away from a multiple 6-Figure law practice, and a mid 6-figure gig as the Executive Vice President of the largest independent music company in the world to my true calling in helping high achievers break that glass ceiling,

👉🏼make more money and work less.

👉🏼I shares my fun and insightful story and gives you some actionable steps to take to move into your best selves without losing yourself.

The Wellness Puzzle: Shift Your Paradigm, Change Your Life

Win the Hour, Win the Day : How Changing Small Habits Can Give You Big Results!

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

🎯Why your body is addicted to your habits and how to change them (3:30)

🎯How you make small changes add up to big changes in your results (6:57)

🎯Why your current habits are moving you further from what you want (8:45)

🎯How you focus on becoming the person you want to be who already has everything you want (11:08)

🎯Why multitasking causes a 40% loss in productivity and what to do instead (14:15)

🎯The one habit, that if you added it, would make the biggest difference in your results (21:05)

Amazing Woman Podcast

The Nikki Clarke Show

We talk about:

🔥My background and how I got started coaching and mentoring (1:30)

🔥How I help entrepreneurs create financial and time freedom. (5:30)

🔥Where the lie you have to work hard to succeed comes from (9:30)

🔥How my own adversity and reprogramming of my mind transformed my life (13:40)

🔥And a very special offer I make to 5 listeners of this episode of the Nikki Clarke Show (16:28)

VIP Access Podcast : Developing an invincible work/life balance

We talk about:

🔥The biggest myth about business success

🔥Why how to show up in your personal life is how you’re showing up in your business

🔥Steps you can take right now to have balance between your business and your personal life

🔥What things you CAN control that will be a major game changer to get different results.