Highly energetic and dynamic, Alaina Schwartz is an international speaker, coach and mentor. Her deep passion is providing a framework for entrepreneurs and leaders to develop an invincible mindset and unlock their essence so they realize their full potential, achieving phenomenal impact and success. Her goal is to empower entrepreneurs and leaders to do business a different, more authentic way so they create a dream lifestyle.

With over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, creating multiple 6-Figure businesses, Alaina blends deep, practical experience with a magnetic stage presence to help businesses and leaders thrive. She delivers inspiring and actionable talks that catalyze outcomes. She is the perfect balance of fun and impactful, engaging and pragmatic, entertaining and result focused. Every talk is customized to generate the greatest impact so audiences expand what’s possible, turn challenges into opportunities and solve them in fresh, innovative ways.

With extensive expertise, a captivating performance and service/high touch focus, Alaina will deliver exceptional value at your next meeting or event.


Why Audiences (and Meeting Planners) Love Alaina


With 25+ years as an entrepreneur and Executive Vice President of the largest independent music company in the world, Alaina is a proven leader with deep practical experience. Audiences will relate to her substance and depth and stay fully engaged.


Your audience will leave with meaningful tools, techniques and frameworks that can be immediately applied to shift perspective and create extraordinary results.

No Drama

No diva-like demands. No outrageous requests. Instead, Alaina is professional, accommodating, and easy to work with at every step.

Custom Crafted

Alaina doesn’t deliver ‘canned’ speeches. She’ll learn about your organization, audience, and chief intention of the meeting or event. Her presentation will be custom-tailored, spot on and relevant to your specific needs. Alaina isn’t afraid to spend a fair amount of time engaging with your audience members off-stage.

High Impact

Alaina is a bold truth teller who connects deeply with the audience to create a life-changing experience. Your audience will be moved and inspired while gaining practical tools to become more successful. Alaina’s unparalleled level of passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Your audience will depart fired up, energized, and ready to soar to greater heights.

Alaina’s Signature Talks:

High-achieving, successful women entrepreneurs will learn the secret to work dramatically less while earning way more money being authentically them, allowing them to reclaim their time to do the things they love with the people they love and make a bigger difference living their full potential.

Instead of their business being a great source of stress, entrepreneurs will turn their overwhelm and exhaustion into ease and flow so they love their businesses again.  And accelerate momentum as they reach for multiple 6 or 7-Figures.

Women were taught a model of success that works for men: strap one on, be singularly goal focused and keep working as hard as we can till we finally get what we want.  When what we really get is stress, burnout and exhaustion.

In this talk, Alaina will demystify and provide practical application to embrace and utilize our innate gifts of wisdom, intuition and our feelings to actually create far greater success with less effort.

In a world of social media and an overcrowded marketplace that’s so full of noise, how do you stand out? As a result of the saturation of the market and used car like sales strategies, people are no longer buying into slick marketing strategies that previously worked.  They’ve become more savvy, seeing through all the snake oil.  What people want is authenticity.

In this talk, Alaina pulls back the curtain on how to work dramatically less and earn far more in business being authentic.  The more authentic an entrepreneur and business is, the greater the profits.  Learn how to tap into your uniqueness so your message lands for your tribe.

Will your team go down in a ship with you or will they bail? There’s a huge difference between leading and your followers following out of fear or obligation and you inspiring your employees/team to gladly line up behind you with whole-hearted support.

Servant leaders develop their team members, prioritizing their growth and drawing out their strengths.  It becomes a win-win for the company, the leader and the team members and, ultimately, profits.

In this talk, Alaina will lay out the practical tools to grow your skills as a Servant Leader.

Alaina delivered a cutting edge presentation and tools to break through income plateaus without burning out.  She was easy to work with from the outset.  What a delight!

John Doe, Speaker

“I had the great pleasure of experiencing Alaina during the Dental  entrepreneur Women retreat. She’s truly a pioneer supporting women to tap into feminine essence to propel their businesses (and lives) forward.”


Victoria Peterson, SsD, Co-founder, CEO productive dentist academy

“Alaina Schwartz has everything you could ask for in a speaker: a unique & memorable message, intelligence yet an ability to speak clearly, and a bright, warm, and positive demeanor. A former attorney who became a transformational coach and teacher, audiences of all types can trust her credibility and feel inspired by her passion to help others succeed and avoid getting in their own way. Alaina’s message is creative, practical, and one that will stick in your head forever!”

Heather Hans, LCSW, MBA, Speaker, Author, Psychotherapist

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