Jessica G., Philadelphia, PA
Jessica G., Philadelphia, PA 150 150 Alaina Schwartz

I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to run my own business. With this opportunity came another opportunity that I had been trying to manifest but could not understand how it would all work. Well it all came at once and it is quickly moving forward.

I owe so much of my success to the work I did with Alaina.

I would absolutely recommend working with Alaina!
I say this because Alaina’s magic is the way she meets you exactly where you are and is caring and understanding about where you are. She works with you to understand what you truly want and sets you up for success.
BEWARE – Your life will change for the better!…”
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– Jessica G., Philadelphia, PA

Henry F., Great Barrington, MA
Henry F., Great Barrington, MA 150 150 Asadmin

You helped me to transmute my thinking about my business in a profound way.  Together we formulated a plan that helped me turn a business I absolutely despised for over 2 decades, creating much pain and misery for me, into a business I love again!   My involvement in the business decreased to the point that I have almost created a residual income stream.

I absolutely 100%, without hesitation would recommend more…

– Henry F., Great Barrington, MA