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Francine & Alaina 150 150 Alaina Schwartz

Madeline Case Study
Madeline Case Study 150 150 Alaina Schwartz

Emily D., Los Angeles, CA
Emily D., Los Angeles, CA 150 150 Alaina Schwartz

Alaina is the real deal and unlike anyone I have worked with. She is a master at what she does and really helped me level up my business upon working with her. She was able to gain clarity very quickly on where I was at and how to best get me to where I was looking to go. Her results were profound, impactful, and immediate. Within 3 months of us working together, we had more clients than our agency could handle. And they were coming to us! Highly recommend her!

– Emily D., Los Angeles, CA

Kaitlyn C., Marblehead, MA
Kaitlyn C., Marblehead, MA 150 150 Alaina Schwartz

Alaina is an incredible coach! She immediately identified that I had a value and confidence issue which had been painfully holding me back from life-changing success for over three years. Within weeks of working together, I landed a dream client at a dream price point that was empowering and exciting to me. Her program, Business Freedom Formula, does an incredible job of combining the abstract with the practical to help you develop the mindset of a strong entrepreneur and the processes to scale your business sustainably. If you want to make meaningful change in your life, look no further! Alaina genuinely cares about her clients and she will take a stand for your success.

– Kaitlyn C., Marblehead, MA

Sandy L., Raleigh, NC
Sandy L., Raleigh, NC 150 150 Pooja Gajrani

In 2018, I was challenged with getting new clients at the level I was used to. Within just 2 short months of working with Alaina everything shifted for me and I signed three large corporate clients.

Alaina brings well honed business acumen and the tools and intuition of a master coach. She is the real deal!

– Sandy L., Raleigh, NC

Jessica G., Philadelphia, PA
Jessica G., Philadelphia, PA 150 150 Alaina Schwartz

I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to run my own business. With this opportunity came another opportunity that I had been trying to manifest but could not understand how it would all work. Well it all came at once and it is quickly moving forward.

I owe so much of my success to the work I did with Alaina.

I would absolutely recommend working with Alaina!
I say this because Alaina’s magic is the way she meets you exactly where you are and is caring and understanding about where you are. She works with you to understand what you truly want and sets you up for success.
BEWARE – Your life will change for the better!…”
read more..

– Jessica G., Philadelphia, PA

Diana D, Piscataway, NJ
Diana D, Piscataway, NJ 150 150 Asadmin

Alaina skillfully helped me through roadblocks, keeping my vision clear, and providing practical exercises that revealed the next step on my path.  One stepping stone at a time.

I sincerely recommend Alaina to anyone who is looking for “more” in their life. Whether it be more financial success or a more fulfilling career; whether it be more intimacy in relationships or personal growth and satisfaction, Alaina is a masterful coach. She will guide you to a place of clarity, and then strategically map out with you a journey for a more joyful and purposeful life. read more..

– Diana D, Piscataway, NJ

Henry F., Great Barrington, MA
Henry F., Great Barrington, MA 150 150 Asadmin

You helped me to transmute my thinking about my business in a profound way.  Together we formulated a plan that helped me turn a business I absolutely despised for over 2 decades, creating much pain and misery for me, into a business I love again!   My involvement in the business decreased to the point that I have almost created a residual income stream.

I absolutely 100%, without hesitation would recommend Alaina.read more…

– Henry F., Great Barrington, MA

Jaime P, Miami, FL
Jaime P, Miami, FL 150 150 Asadmin

I meet coaches ALL the time.  How did I know Alaina would get me results? The price was NOT a no-brainer.

My mindset towards money and “challenging” situations has completely changed. Alaina gave me practical information and the recommendations to “fix” or help resolve the challenges. I recommend her 100%.   Anyone with business or personal challenges that are more “in their heads” than on paper and people who are struggling to hit their income goals will really benefit from working with her. read more…

– Jaime P, Miami, FL

Russ P, Perth Australia/Bali
Russ P, Perth Australia/Bali 150 150 Asadmin

I navigated a lot through the journey of being an entrepreneur.  Alaina’s invitation to bring everything that was present, including the parts I was struggling with or didn’t like about myself was transformational. I gained clarity on the next part of the puzzle going forward, what my direction is and what resources I need. I am happy to recommend Alaina to people who are both spiritual and entrepreneurial and understand the blend between internal and external strategy and alignment. She has hard skills in sales, coaching, business strategy, negotiations and probably a lot more, as well as well developed soft skills in emotional intelligence, spirituality and working on the energetic plane. read more..

– Russ P, Perth Australia/Bali

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