Maddy R., Raleigh, NC
Maddy R., Raleigh, NC 150 150 Pooja Gajrani

As a result of my work with Alaina, I raised my vibrational frequency …and have become a more powerful leader and work with my team more seamlessly.  I’ve learned how to encourage my team to grow.
I now do regular practices which have made me more conscious and aware about myself and others.
I’ve reduced my stress, am cultivating self love and forgiveness and have increased self-confidence.
I would absolutely recommend Alaina! I’ve already recommended a friend.
I would recommend anyone who really wants to invest to do the work and make a difference in their leadership and business. read more..

– Maddy R., Raleigh, NC

Rob G, NYC
Rob G, NYC 150 150 Asadmin

“What would my results have to be so that I would feel ‘justified’ in this investment??”

We set off to do deep work and finally clear the stuff that was bothering me for years – for my own experience, and to add it to my toolkit (to coach others). I came away with results in both.

I realized how far I’d come…read more..

– Rob G, NYC

Stefanie C, NYC
Stefanie C, NYC 150 150 Asadmin

Working with Alaina has allowed me to truly understand my limiting beliefs. I was too mired in my own thoughts to see the key she was handing me that could open the prison of my mind….I was painting myself into a box with my thoughts and she gave me the tools to open the box. I have undergone major transformations in my mindset working with Alaina.

Thank you, Alaina. I’m getting better and better every day! read more…

– Stefanie C, NYC

Yvie C, Sunshine Coast, Australia
Yvie C, Sunshine Coast, Australia 150 150 Asadmin

I love how you are able to see the places in my life that need the most work and you gently bring up the issue so that we can remove the triggers, reactions, patterns and unhealthy responses.  I’m now able to handle a situation which would have ended in me being in my old pattern.

Alaina can help you bring about amazing changes in your life and in your heart and steer you to a grand fulfilling life.

I definitely recommend Alaina. She is worth gold.

I love you Alaina! Thank you so much for showing me what I can truly achieve in life ?? read more..

>- Yvie C, Sunshine Coast, Australia

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